Christopher Sato-Perry, Psy.D
Christopher Sato-Perry, Psy.D


Our nature is to grow within & between.
Let’s strive to turn fear into fascination
by accessing our gift, our birthright,
of an integrated human nervous system. –csp


Christopher Sato-Perry, M.A., Psy.D. (Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy; Doctorate in Clinical Psychology) is an Integrative Health Psychologist located across from Stanford University.

For over 16 years, Christopher has specialized in treating psychological trauma, anxiety and phobias as well as maximizing responses to medical diagnoses, treatments and conditions. This clinical focus stems from both a personal medical challenge since age 12 and research on treating women with breast cancer and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Yet Kaiser research (1998) finding 70% of primary care visits are driven by mental, emotional and relational issues highlights how mind and body are interwoven for each of us. This interplay provides leverage for preventive medicine, for responding to illness and for maximizing wellness or peak performance.

Christopher's approach to integrative psychology draws upon:

Additionally, Christopher's facilitation of groups began at The Cancer Support Community and California Pacific Medical Center (SF). He trained extensively with two Georgetown School of Medicine's Center for Mind-Body Medicine programs for groups: 1) CancerGuides and 2) Mind-Body Medicine.

Despite excellent training, Christopher views his living and traveling abroad nearly four years as his best education. Techniques are mere tools, yet particularly his two years' translating President Gorbachev at a Soviet news agency in the USSR woke him to the art of safely dialoguing with life's intense experiences - both creative and destructive - at the international level. Striving to do the same at the innerpersonal and interpersonal levels challenges us and rewards us at least as much.

In essence, our goal and our path is to access a flow “within and between” ourselves - durable & sustainable, harmonious & effective. During life’s storms, let us strive for a powerful inner calm and clarity, while at other times strive to access and share our inner sense of peace, our birthright.

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