Shirin Hoodei, M.D.


About Me


I provide psychotherapy, medication management, or both, depending on each person’s individual needs.  Psychological problems and medical problems are often closely entwined and, as a physician, I am able to provide a comprehensive approach and am able to work with your other health care providers with your consent.


My approach is collaborative.  We will work together to identify challenges that may hinder your happiness, growth, and achievement of your goals and, through exploration of these challenges, we will work toward gaining insight, which will then lead to positive change.  I consider it the utmost privilege to be entrusted by the people I provide care to as they share their personal histories with me and allow me to participate with them in their journey toward a healthy future.


Among my professional interests is cultural psychiatry.  With the Bay Area’s vast myriad of cultural backgrounds, my expertise in recognizing cultural perspectives often helps to provide specialized, comprehensive care. 


I am experienced with issues pertaining to:


I have worked at Fremont hospital and most recently worked at San Francisco State University as the staff psychiatrist in the Student Health Services Center. 


Getting Started

Individuals seeking care may contact me directly at (650) 853-1444, or may be referred by another physician or another therapist.  I am available by appointment only.  To begin working with me, we first have a phone conversation (at no charge,) during which I will gain a general sense of whether or not I may be best able to help you.  If we agree to meet, we will schedule a time and meet for one, two, or even three “consultation sessions.”  One of the purposes of these consultation sessions is to learn together whether we can work as an effective team.  There are some instances in which I may feel a colleague would be better able to help, depending on the issues involved, and I will provide you with referrals if that is the case.  If we both agree that we would make a good team, then we will make plans for ongoing treatment.


My fee schedule is available upon request, and payment is due at the time of service.  I accept checks and cash.


Phone: (650) 853-1444
Fax: (650) 321-3460

Shirin Hoodei, M.D.
350 Cambridge Avenue, Suite 200
Palo Alto, California  94306

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