Group Psychotherapy is an interpersonal therapy in which 6 to 10 people meet on a regular basis to talk about their concerns, thoughts and feelings.

The idea of talking about one's thoughts and feelings is similar to the basic process in individual therapy however the presence of more than one person in the room with the therapist changes the nature of the process significantly.

The interactive nature of the group leads to gaining experience in initiating discussion, becoming aware of time management issues, learning how to compete for a share of the time, considering your needs versus another's, solving conflicted situations that arise, experiencing the development of group cohesion, and coping with the development of group situations which may resemble family situations of the past. It also allows members to get new perspectives, feedback and validation from peers.

As a result of engaging in group psychotherapy a member may experience reduction in shyness and interpersonal anxiety, enhanced emotional growth and increased interpersonal confidence and success.

The Group Psychotherapy Program at the Counseling and Psychotherapy Center can be an important part of your emotional and psychological treatment program. Many people benefit significantly from group psychotherapy alone or in combination with individual psychotherapy.

Our program consists of 2 ongoing psychotherapy groups for adult men and women. Each group has a unique set of characteristics allowing clients to be placed in a setting most productive for their individual needs. There are two co-leaders for each group who have been working together for a long time.

Michael Hahn, Ph.D. and Janet Spraggins, M.D. are currently co-leading a Thursday evening group. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact Dr.Hahn.

Kathleen J. Dong, M.D. and Christopher B. Capelle, M.D. are currently co-leading a Wednesday early afternoon group. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact Kathleen J. Dong, M.D.

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