Kathleen J. Dong, M.D.


     If you are looking for solutions that extend beyond self-help and education, I can provide a treatment unique to you.  I can help you in the here and now, identifying and sorting through difficult, confusing, and conflicting emotions that relationships and life events evoke.  My approach helps you use your feelings to enhance and inform the choices you make by increasing your emotional tolerance and broadening your experience.  My skills as a creative writer and psychiatrist trained in psychoanalytic and attachment theory, family therapy and emotionally focused therapy let me give you clarity, help you affirm identity, nurture intimacy, define and develop purpose.

     This process requires a confidential setting to develop the focus necessary for reflection, as well as the stillness and constancy that makes it safe to experience the emotions relevant to your upbringing, culture, character, and past.  You will eventually recognize how you protect your vulnerabilities and struggle when you strive as you relate to others at work or home.  Once you have completed the work of therapy, your emotions will become an accurate gauge you can rely on to fully engage in your life, furthering your capacity for creativity, love, and joy.


     My training began at Brown University where I was both an English major and a medical student.  I completed an adult psychiatry residency at UCLA in 1989 and am board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  I continue to develop my knowledge and clinical skills through teaching psychiatry residents as a clinical faculty member at Stanford University and as the 2014 - 15 Chair of the Northern California Psychiatric Society's Professional Education Committee.  I also participate in weekly case conferences at The Counseling and Psychotherapy Center in Palo Alto and in 2014 was named a Fellow of The American Psychiatric Association.

     I have had the honor of helping people with home and school and work issues, broken relationships, creative blocks, grief, depression, anxiety, miscarriage, infertility, parenting, and intimacy struggles.  I work with individuals ages fourteen and up, couples, groups and families, consulting to other clinicians, therapists and professionals as well.


                               Current Groups Open to New Members

                                             (initial evaluation required)

1) Depression and Anxiety, Wednesdays from 12 - 1:20 pm


2) Ready to Launch, Thursdays starting August 2015.


                                   Appointments can be made by calling:

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